Top Exam Tips for the Night Before & Exam Day

Are you sick of the revision guides who nag you to eat health foods or sleep in order to make revision schedules? It’s not a problem, Bright Network skips all that so here are the eight suggestions that will allow you to succeed and send you into the test with the confidence to succeed.

Best tips to prepare yourself for exams

1. Take advantage of your time wisely

A few minutes prior switch off the light is the perfect time to practice memorizing. Learning before sleep significantly improves memory retension . So when you’re in bed do a quick go through of the most important facts, equations or vocabulary. Switch off.

2. Get a fantastic meal

Make a special effort to cook yourself a good dinner. Don’t suggest „brain food“ like oily fish or nuts rather a dinner you’d take if your celebration was imminent and wanted to spoil yourself by having a steak dinner and chocolate tart. It will make you feel good and get you ready for your next day.

3. Laugh

Have a fun activity like watching a comedy movie and having a jolly time or fiddling around with photos on instagram. It will help you relax, lower stress and help you sleep well.

4. Make sure that you are awake

Alarms are set. Set it for two. Have a family member, or friend to review your progress in case you’re still anxious. Just make sure you get to the exam on time.

5. Be aware of when to stop

At the beginning of the day, eat an energizing breakfast and discuss your most important details before leaving the house.At site from Our Articles You can do the same on the way to the test. When you reach the examination center, don’t think about it. If you’re not a pro today, you do not! Doing a lot of last-minute cramming minutes before, could cause your brain to go into a spin.

6. Use the space

When in the exam room Sit comfortably and spread your arms. It’s been proven by research that when we physically expand our bodies, by stretching our arms or leaning back in the chair, it releases a type of hormone which makes you more confident. This is true, we can assure you.

7. Don’t drink too much

Do not drink too much water taking a sip each hour is all you need. It is unlikely that dehydration will cause problems during the exam, but drinking many pints of fluids and taking restroom breaks every five minutes is. It’s an hour-long break to refresh your hands and brain a rest.

8. Do what you can to help you.

Then, everybody is different. Some students prefer to be at their own during exams, while others blast out motivational music from their earphones. Perhaps you’re one who prefers to wear the shiniest pair of high-heeled sandals to ensure chances to win. Take whatever you can to put yourself in the best mood and you’ll be prepared perfectly to get the job done.