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Many of the plugin configurations you have set in the preceding section automatically generate applicable environment variables that can then be used to populate your test capabilities. But imagine that if you have 5 VMs that you can run at the same time, that’s much faster than you can execute your automated tests. For example, if you have 10 tests and each one takes approximately 1 minute to run. If you are running those sequentially that’s gonna be a total of 10 minutes which is an excellent time to run tests. Well, Sauce Labs allows you to run tests in parallel. So rather than running one test at a time, which you can do is that you have multiple tests feeding in here into the hub at the same time.

The OnDemand plugin allows you to easily manage your Sauce Labs testing from Jenkins, one of the most popular continuous integration platforms used in software development. I believe that JSON format that you can use to configure the hub. All of these technical choices will shape the characteristics of your processes and your final product. You should weigh these options carefully to make sure that your choices provide stability and flexibility during the development process and in the long run. View test trends across all metrics such as teams, build or application, and platform or browser to determine where you focus your resources.

Selenium Toolkit

In October 2019, Sauce Labs appointed Aled Miles as new CEO of the company, in replacement of Charles Ramsey, who had been leading the company for 5 years. On December 12, 2019, the company announced that it has appointed industry veteran John Kelly as Chief Technology Officer. In 2015, Sauce Labs secured an additional $15 million in Series D expansion funding from investor Toba Capital.

  • This enables you to access your test reports by build in Sauce Labs and view them on the Jenkins Build Details page.
  • Depending on the requirements, you may also need to conduct performance testing and load testing to make sure that the system remains responsive after spikes or DoS attacks.
  • Actually, that will be a full-time job to maintain that Selenium grid.
  • Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that.
  • In the project’s configuration page, go to the Configuration Matrix section and click Add Axis.
  • These tools allow for better abstractions and less code duplication in your tests, as well as the ability to run tests in parallel instead of just sequentially.
  • Sauce Labs is a good resource for recording failures because with the videos and screenshots and logs it is much easier to determine the reason for the failures.

Healthcare mobile apps need to be designed with security and privacy in mind, and they must adhere to industry-standard security best practices. Once your business is established and has the infrastructure to support continuous improvements in information security, it’s common to seek ISO certification, for example. Certain regions like the EU also require specific controls to protect against privacy violations. What is Sauce Labs The previous, concurrency-based plans were replaced by the Credit-Based plan. With credits you get more parallel tests , and affordable entry for automated testing ($50/month), and only one plan to access manual and automated testing on real and virtual devices. The following environment variables are relevant for Sauce Labs tests running in Jenkins and can be used to populate your test capabilities.

Sauce Labs + your favorite test automation tools

The distinction does not end there, however, since there are more specialized apps that deal with other concerns like diagnosis, prescription drugs, managing clinical trials, medical research, and more. In 2016, Sauce Labs announced it had raised a $70 million Series E round from Centerview Capital Technology, IVP, and Adams Street Partners. In December 2016, the company announced the acquisition of Test Object, a real device mobile app testing platform.

What is Sauce Labs

Download the study to discover your business‘ potential for reduced costs, increased developer and QA productivity, new business expansion, and reduced risk. The Selenium browser automation tool allows you to write test code that runs through all the possible actions in your web app faster and more effectively that manual testing. If your product needs to be HIPAA compliant , it’s important to invite relevant experts to provide guidance, training, and support. This is because the development and testing teams might not possess the relevant experience or insight into what the regulators need in terms of satisfying protocol requirements.


Test on thousands of device, browser, and OS configurations – anywhere, any time. Scaling up tests requires at a minimum a test runner, and even better a more fully featured testing library. These tools allow for better abstractions and less code duplication in your tests, as well as the ability to run tests in parallel instead of just sequentially. Assigned Nodes let you define Nodes for specific purposes, such as dedicated platforms, as well as for load balancing and other functions. To assign projects to a specific Node, the Node must have a label.

Visible text; this only applies to anchor elements, such as Sauce Labsin Sauce Labs. Once the test script accesses the page to test, it needs to find the elements that an end user would interact with. In this case, the Login text fields and Submit button. Ensure you have the session you want (e.g., browser name, browser version, operating system). Remote WebDriver classes are instantiated with the URL of the server or service you want for your tests. For Sauce Labs, choose a URL from our Data Center Endpoints.

Devices, browsers, and operating systems

Extract all your test data to analyze results, build dashboards, create and satisfy data retention requirements. 432 developers follow Sauce Labs to keep up with related blogs and decisions. 210 developers on StackShare have stated that they use Sauce Labs. Credits will be available in your Sauce Labs account immediately after payment has been received.

What is Sauce Labs

Healthcare app development is essential for innovation and convenience, providing personalized and user-centric features that aim to improve quality of life. When developing a healthcare mobile app, it’s important to consider the diverse types of healthcare mobile apps, technology trends, and features that users expect. In December, 2020 the company completed the acquisition of API Fortress, a provider of automated APP testing solutions for developers and DevOps teams. In February 2021, Sauce Labs announced that they had entered into a definitive agreement to acquire scriptless testing software provider, AutonomIQ. Sauce Labs announced in March, 2021 that it had acquired TestFairy, an Israeli-based company that provides a platform for developers to test and distribute beta versions of mobile applications.

Step 1: Create a Remote Session​

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What is Sauce Labs

From the Configure page of your project, select the Post-Build Actions tab. When options can be set at both levels, project settings override global settings. You can optionally create a unique Sauce Labs domain by hovering over the Jenkins store to reveal the context menu icon, then clicking Add domain to define the new domain in which your credentials will apply. Taught by Nikolay Advolodin, CEO of


Most of the environment variables defined here are automatically generated based on your project configurations for the plugin and Sauce Connect. Whenever you gonna run your automated tests, this gonna go to the Sauce Labs hub. They provide you automatic videos and they provide you automatic logs. I show you that later as you see but it’s fantastic because the automatic videos themselves are already a phenomenal way to debug your automated testing sessions.