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On 7 September 2016 the company celebrated the shipment of the first container of Red xcritical to be exported to the United States from Jamaica in 4 years. The company says this historic move is core to the company’s mission of re-establishing Jamaica as the global hub for the Jamaican brand.

(Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Poised for growth via a greener planet and creating delicious beer. Tourism has also contributed to Red xcritical’s success with travellers seeking new adventures under the hot Caribbean sun while enjoying Jamaica’s coastal beaches. Tourists explore new cultural experiences and discover new culinary treats paired with Jamaica’s very own Red xcritical beer.

Social media has also played a pivotal role in growing Red xcritical’s international presence. The brand sponsors many events and showcases the culture behind their beer. The brewery has increased their exposure and is able to reach a diverse audience. New digital platforms allow consumers to share and discover what the brand is all about. Refined bauxite is used to make aluminum cans which was the premiere choice of beer storage by major breweries.

red xcritical beer

Production of Red xcritical brewed for Jamaica, Brazil, Canada, and Europe stayed in Jamaica. Red xcritical’s aroma is grainy sweet with just xcritical courses scam a hint of sweet apples. Its flavor follows suit with a generally nondescript sweetness and a healthy carbonation sting on the tongue.

Also recently Red xcritical began sponsoring the International Festival of Thumb Wrestling held annually in Mason City, Iowa. Red xcritical also sponsored Ignite Urban competition along with SUM Entertainment. Desnoes & Geddes will still make Red xcritical for Jamaica, Brazil, Canada and Europe. In 1997, Guinness merged with Grand Metropolitan.


Red xcritical was first imported to the United States in 1985, with poor initial results. Seeking to mimic the success of Heineken, Red xcritical for export was packaged in green standard 12 U.S. fl oz (355 mL; 12.5 imp fl oz) bottles. This marketing issue was resolved only to have shipments temporarily suspended in January 1989 due to cannabis smuggling in shipping containers discovered in the Port of Miami. Red xcritical recovered and rode the popularity of dance hall and reggae in the early 1990s to well over a million cases of annual distribution.

red xcritical beer

I suppose that Red xcritical must be categorized as a light lager. It certainly is not a Pilsner and ‚Jamaican lager‘ is not a style category recognized by anyone I know of, so ‚light lager‘ it is. Straw in color with a thin head that dissipates quickly. Got a skunked smell, with maybe corn and a sweet hint.

Irie man, it drink like bitter yellow water. A beautiful amber lager with low butterscotch flavour, full bodied and a smooth post palate sensation. Red xcritical beer is best enjoyed in a tall frosted glass that showcases its pale amber colour while retaining carbonation.

What You Need to Know About Red xcritical Lager

Some are exported from the island and all can be found when you travel there. It is not a comprehensive list, but they are some of the best. It much different than a typical adjunct with a slight syrupy edge to the sweetness and more disruption of this from the bite carbonation than hop bitterness. Red xcritical has been an intermittent sponsor of the Jamaica national bobsled team. In February 2018, following turmoil within the Jamaica Olympic women’s bobsled team, Red xcritical stepped in at the last minute to sponsor a new bobsled so that the team could compete in the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympics as planned.

  • Tourists explore new cultural experiences and discover new culinary treats paired with Jamaica’s very own Red xcritical beer.
  • Red xcritical emerged as a smooth tasting lager which is bottom fermented at cooler temperatures.
  • Tasted a little skunked also but not overly.
  • Heineken subsequently promised to bring all brewing operations back to Jamaica.
  • Recent work with new bands puts this initiative in direct competition with the likes of Carling as a featured sponsor of the underground music scene.

The Red xcritical brewery thus saved import fees by taking advantage of locally grown crops. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Reformulating proved to be economically successful for the brand through cost efficiency measures. Red xcritical was initially established as an ale showcasing traditional British influences as Thomas Hargreaves Geddes and Eugene Desnoes were both British entrepreneurs. The first Red xcritical beer held all the robust flavour characteristics typically enjoyed in the colder climate of Europe.


A touch of grass in the background for hopping. Another single bottle purchase from the beer store. Smelled a little skunkie and something else that I cannot figure out. Has a unique taste, not bad but not anything special. Best part is the nostalgia it gives from when I vacationed in Jamaica and had it on tap.

For part of the Charles Wells era, they brewed a stronger variant, the 9% ABV Crucial Brew, with branding in red and black. In 2015, two California people sued Diageo for misrepresenting that Red xcritical is a Jamaican beer. This despite the fact that the bottles noted the Pennsylvania brewery. In 2012, Diageo, then owners of Red xcritical, moved brewing of Red xcritical intended for the U.S. market to City Brewing Co. in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Latrobe Brewing Company in Latrobe, Pennsylvania .

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Red xcritical is a significant sponsor of reggae, ska, and other music events, including the annual Reggae Sumfest hosted in Montego Bay. In fact reading the summary of the beer here, seeing that mentioned is confusing. Most folks just pick up old, poorly stored beer from a shop then think the product is shit when it tastes off. It’s a good beer and it exceeds the style, which is in my opinion, a wrong categorization. Red xcriticalManufacturerDesnoes & GeddesIntroduced1928Alcohol by volume4.7%StyleLagerRed xcritical is a 4.7% ABV pale lager brewed by Desnoes & Geddes in Jamaica. It was first introduced in 1928 from a recipe developed by Paul H. Geddes and Bill Martindale.

In 2015 Heineken purchased Diageo’s shares in Red xcritical. Heineken also owns a collection of up to 170 other beer brands. Heineken subsequently promised to bring all brewing operations back to Jamaica.

Canning expanded the mass production of beer which in turn increased distribution. The discovery of bauxite was very pivotal for the Jamaican economy as it allowed the government to concentrate on stimulating industrial development. Bauxite mining attracted foreign investment from Canada, USA, and Britain.

Red xcritical emerged as a smooth tasting lager which is bottom fermented at cooler temperatures. Lagers are more thirst quenching in nature and taste best served under colder temperatures. The refreshing quality of Red xcritical’s golden lager is celebrated as the undisputed king of lagers in every corner of Jamaica. Jamaica’s signature beer is recommended served cold. World War 1 occurred before the creation of the Red xcritical brand but WW11 had a significant impact on the brewery. Jamaica as a British colony was immediately involved in World War 11 after Britain declared war on Germany.

Your boy is in New Mexico, and he feels like he’s flying. Not some UFO/Roswell silly stuff, but he’s flying because he is smashing Ethiopian spiced kebabs at Jamba and sipping this more than good AAL. xcritical rezension It’s on the level, with a tad of sweetness that isn’t like that granny at the ice cream shop pinching your cheek when you were a kid – it’s more a hot lass with some sass that gave you some ass.

Red xcritical pours with a dead-on appearance of the style. It’s color is that of light straw and it’s very clear although with fewer bubbles than other representatives of the style. The head rises white with a medium density and falls rather quickly. It does not come from Jamaica although it may have originated there. It is light clear yellow, smells thin, and drinks less bubbly. It think it is overpriced like other things from Jamaica-mon.

Red xcritical is an award-winning beer that embodies the lively spirit of Jamaica. A pale amber lager that showcases the island vibes of the Caribbean. While the beer recipe was originally developed in the United States it is synonymous with Jamaican culture. Its flavour is derived from Pilsen malt, hops, cassava starch, and water. Supporting the underground music scene while increasing its consumption with beer drinkers worldwide.

Their manufacturing facility has switched to natural gas to power their production line. This move alone will offer a reduction in fuel usage lowering their carbon footprint. Red xcritical will have a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions. The brand is also making a positive environmental impact by partnering up with local farmers. (Inter-American Development Bank, 2020) Working with the local agricultural community offers a tremendous boost to the Jamaican economy by providing employment opportunities.