Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Currently driving one from Avis, brand new with 35kms. The boot constantly plays up – won’t open or close. I’ve had to crawl in through the back seat to retrieve my groceries. Now the car won’t lock (except the boot which won’t open) so I can’t leave any valuables in the car. So glad it’s not my car – never really appreciated the build quality of my Mazda or Toyota until now.

Purchased in October 2022 at Avis .


Comfortable with no squeaks or rattles. Great on the high way and just as good driving up a breach etc.
No negatives to report. Kids love having their own air con and usb ports.
Gearbox picks the right gears at the right time. Would recommend.

Purchased in February 2022 for $60,490 .

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Malfunctioning electric tailgate

Sept 2022: I purchased this car new in April 2022. From day one, the electric tailgate intermittently malfunctioned. It would either not open, not close & it would just continually beep at me. I had to then manually open & close it. I took it back to the dealership to “diagnose” the problem. They told me it needed a whole new strut replacing & this part was going to take 4 weeks from Japan. In the meantime waiting for the part, the boot just completely seized & I couldn’t open/close it at all. Even jumping into the boot to release it manually w

Purchased in April 2022 at Von Bibra for $58,000 .

Poor build quality

I purchased this car new in May 2022. From day one, the electric tailgate intermittently malfunctioned. It would either not open, or would open and not close. By turning the ignition on and off, it would eventually work. I am a veterinarian and this is my work vehicle. This fault made the car unusable. After a few weeks, one day it went into "limp" mode with a blocked DPF. The dealer said a loose air hose caused this. It is presently at the dealer, waiting for a part for the tailgate. Apparently, the ETA of this part is late September. I am trying to get a refund on this car.

Purchased in May 2022 at Mitsubishi Dealers for $64,000 .

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Great car at a great price!

Commute daily for work in construction. Handles the road/off-road great. Comfortable and reliable and plenty of space in the boot for tools etc. Only thing I can complain about is the high beams could be a bit brighter.

Purchased in February 2022 for $48,500 .

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Company doesn’t care about customers saftey.

The tyers which is provided with brand new car is vary bad quality( Toyo tyers). It doesn’t have grip on road,in wet conditions its very dangerous need to change immediately

Purchased in February 2022 .

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VG Vehicle

Second I have owned VG overall ,shiny trim around steering wheel needs dumbing down(sun glare)so black texta cures that.GPS is very ordinary possibly the worst feature by far ,so poor that we won’t use it,just use the phone if we have reception,otherwise use paper maps if out of phone coverage.My wife has a Kona the GPS unit in it is way ahead and easy to use.

Purchased in July 2021 .

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2016 Exceed

I have issues with my DPF. I had it cleaned by the local Mitsubishi dealer and 5 months later the light is back on along with my engine light. I mostly drive 10km trips twice a day but go camping approx once a month (200km?) and the odd 1hr journey 3 times a month? Am I not driving to it’s needs?

Purchased in July 2020 .

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Car has issues

Had a 2017 pajero sport exceed since new, had some serious issues with it. Had a $13k bill for a fuel system repair that was not covered under warranty. 6 weeks after getting it back from that, it’s just lost power again (DPF service, just happened today). Had to have the front seat replaced because it got a hole in it (warranty), had to get the wiring harness replaced for the seat warmers (warranty). All of the switch gear is fading. Not a car I’d recommend.

Purchased in September 2017 .

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Excellent all rounder

A GLS model used 50/50 for city and country driving with little off road. Great overall level of comfort, visibility and economy. A great car for towing my 900KG Avan .. hardlly know the van is there and with electric brakes its safe and trouble free towing. Regularly serviced but pricey it seems. Only wish I had got the Exceed version with additional proximity detectors.

Purchased in February 2015 for $52,000 .

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Great value

We purchased this car new and to date it’s towed a caravan around Australia, regularly used as 4WD on tracks and beaches, have been extremely impressed – worth looking at if you want a cheap reliable SUV

Purchased in November 2019 .

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Great car, but.

I’ve had my QF since March 21. Overall this is a great car with good fuel economy on long journeys.. however there are a few things to consider such as baby car seats and the positioning of the tethering points, there Useless without an extension strap. The other main point is the reversing cam at night , I find this poor to say the least and mitsubishi need to get a better one fitted to these cars.. As I say this is a very good car, but these few points are to be considered before buying..

Purchased in March 2021 for $53,000 .

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No regrets

I bought a 2020 Pajero Sport GLS because I wanted something which was comfortable around town with credible off road ability (and reliability) when going off the beaten track. So far, it is exactly what I wanted. It’s no sports car, and it is heavy and cumbersome with slight deficit on power. That said, it is not supposed to be. It serves its purpose perfectly. The one downside, which is soon to be tested with baby #1 on the way, is the roof mounted rear teather points for child car seats. Is it too much to integrate the teather point into the rear of the seat like 99% of other cars?! Anyway, in the grand scheme, very happy.

Purchased in December 2020 for $53,000 .

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Excellent rating of the car and the company Mitsubishi Motors after bagging dealer

It is nice to write something good about a car company. Usually you hear dealers saying the car company is denying repairs. Mitsubishi Motors Australia survey customers after maintenance. When they found out I had problems with local dealers following through they were in contact with me. And wallah, magically the dealer all of a sudden fixed my issue. So well done to Mitsubishi. Good thing as it was the only blight on what is otherwise an enjoyable experience owning a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

Purchased in March 2020 .

How Valuable is Your Warranty?

I purchased my Pajero Sport as demo model 5 months old with a 5 year warranty. The car has been serviced at Hobart Mitsubishi according to the log book. At 4.5 years into the warranty and 60k on the clock it developed a minor oil leak on both sides of the timing chain cover at the front of the motor. To fix the leak to the original standard the motor needs to come out which is 8 to 10 hours work. Mitsubishi Hobart’s solution was to clean the areas and place sealant around the edges, stating that Mitsubishi Motors Australia felt the oil leak was

. Read more too minor to repair to the original standard. After contacting the ACCC and CBOS (Tasmania) it appears that this is a grey area in consumer legislation. The only avenue is to take legal action, which is a risk, and the cost benefit is not there. I have purchased 3 new/demo Mitsubishis and 1 Lancer as a company car over the past 14 years but will not in the future. An oil leak will only get worse over time. If you cannot rely on MMA or their Dealers to repair a car under warranty to the original standard then it is time to go elsewhere.