Defi: The future of cryptocurrencies for omnichain!

Defi: The future of cryptocurrencies for omnichain!

How to make one token swap on another on a decentralized exchange in different networks? Easily! Thanks to Stargate Omnichain Technology.

Blockchains can be represented as straight parallel lines, the paths of which do not intersect. Decentralized in nature and intended for independent work, they remain largely disparate, which complicates users access on the network and fragmented liquidity – a lack of assets for a full -fledged trade in a particular network.

The need for advanced inter -sequences becomes more acute than ever, because more and more projects are launched, more tokens are deployed and more and more users are flowing into the world of Defi.

Networks such as Solana, Avalanche and Arbitrum are trying to solve the problem of compatibility of blockchains, launching their own bridges, but the problems are still preserved. One of these is the extreme inconvenience in the use of several decentralized applications (Dapps) for one cross-channel operation. In this case, each application will require a gas fee from the user.

Earlier we wrote about how much it is actually worth trade in cryptocurrency at centralized and decentralized sites.

Is there a way to unite all blockchains and allow everyone to freely translate tokens from one network to another with one click?

Solution Stargate

Creating unified liquidity pools that are used between networks, Stargate eliminates the need for wrapped tokens, which allows you to send native tokens from one blockchain to another to another.

For example, a user who wants to exchange ETH from the main network on the USDC for Avalanche had to exchange ETH for Weth (Wrapped ETH), and then manually exchange Weth for USDC via a decentralized exchange on the Avalanche network. Stargate eliminates the need for the last step, while saving time and eliminating the extra gas commissions.

In addition to the above, Stargate liquidity bullets are completely unified, which means that all deposits and removal come from one pool. Such a solution is optimal for liquidity suppliers (LP), as it eliminates them from the need to add assets to staining in various networks. It also provides the best scaling and provides users with an instant guarantee of execution on the destination network unique to Stargate. Users no longer need to worry about the failure of the inter -sequences, according to Stargate Finance.

Most inter -grid solutions have only one or two of these properties, while Stargate includes all three.

Woo Network has announced cooperation with Stargate, introducing their omnichach technology into its decentralized Woofi Exchange .

At its core, the Woofi exchange was developed to give users decentralized exchanges more opportunities, opening the door for trade in cryptocurrencies and earnings in Defi without unnecessary troubles. Stargate and the basic inter -grid infrastructure of Layerzero messages are an ideal technical solution that helps to implement inter -sequences on Woofi since June of this year.

Since then, more than 10 thousand unique inter -sections have been made between the networks of BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon and Fantom.

Woofi seeks to provide a unified user interface, for an exchange, which works on several networks at once and Stargate is best suited to expand the capabilities of trade and earnings in Defi.

Woofi users can now move freely along the previously fragmented Defi ecosystem by a quick, reliable and, most importantly, convenient way. Intersete swaps on Woofi occupy no more than thirty seconds and guarantee the execution of the transaction precisely thanks to the integration of Stargate Protocol.

We are also pleased to report that the Stargate (STG) token is available for trading through a decentralized Woofi exchange or a centralized exchange with zero commissions Woo X.

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