Bookkeeping Business From Home And How To Set It Up

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

If you operate remotely, you can also work with businesses all over the country, which expands your potential reach. Any person or business who is involved in the preparation of financial reports must comply with the regulations regarding how reporting is done. The Financial Reporting Standards ensure that companies maintain their credibility and report their finances in an honest and transparent manner. You may initially operate your business independently and then hire more bookkeepers and other staff as your business grows.

The ICO enforces the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) as set out by the government. If you process any of your clients’ personal data, you must register with the ICO. The cost of your registration will be determined by the ICO, and your registration will need to be reviewed every year. All your personal and business passwords should be set up with two-factor authentication. This means you will need to prove your identity in two ways, such as with your usual password and with a code that is sent to your registered mobile number. On average, bookkeepers in the UK charge £20–£25 per hour, although this can rise to £50 for more experienced bookkeepers.


Profitability is the new metric, and as any business school grad knows, strong unit margins depend on keeping a lid on costs right from the start. You can choose to operate as a sole bookkeeper or hire additional staff. Consider the additional profits you could make by hiring more bookkeepers and compare this with the additional outgoings you will have, such as their wages and the cost of additional equipment. If you think there is a market for more bookkeepers, hiring staff can help you to grow your business and maximise your profits.

  • Startups have unique financial needs and you want to make sure your accountant is familiar with them.
  • Being aware of your target market and the types of clients that are going to be most beneficial to your business will enable you to maximise your opportunity.
  • You can then offer them your fast-track service at a much higher price.
  • We help you establish correct processes at your startup, making it ready to scale and grow seamlessly.
  • Plot these against each month to work out which month your business will sell enough widgets to achieve break even.

Our accountants will manage your bookkeeping on your behalf, saving you time and letting you focus on other aspects of life or business. We will provide you accurate financial intelligence needed to facilitate robust decision-making and funding rounds. We help you establish correct processes at your startup, making it ready to scale and grow seamlessly. With the industry getting competitive day by day and great startups kicking off, it is a tough race to seek investments.

What is the average startup cost for a small business?

Having gathered sufficient information from the prospect, you also need to decide how much it will cost you to deliver that result. You need to be comfortable with charging different clients different amounts, and you need to expect to have a conversation with each prospect before they become a client. There is another pricing strategy you could try – I guess it’s an extension of ‚per project‘ – and see if it works for you.

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

If you are dealing with your clients‘ digital record keeping and quarterly returns after the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD), you will also probably aim to charge a fixed monthly fee. For a startup, spending freely while relying on sales to keep your business in the black is a risky strategy. I am starting an at home bookkeeping service and wanted a bit more guidance on pricing. I have done lots of research into different pricing methods i.e hourly, fixed, per transaction. In regards to fixed, I have no idea how to base it on but I guess that would come with time. Doing it on a transaction basis doesn’t make sense to me as it can add more work and get very complicated depending on the transactions, so I am leaning towards an hourly rate.

The benefits of accountancy software and what is bank reconciliation?

Some bookkeepers also offer commercial brokering services, which involve helping businesses get the best deal when it comes to renewing insurance, buying new equipment or leasing company vehicles. On average, depending on experience and location, a typical full-time bookkeeper would demand a salary ranging from £25,000 to £45,000 a year plus perks from a business. Employers are also expected to add a further 20% to the salary packages for employee benefits afforded to full-time bookkeepers, such as dental care plan, child care, fitness, retirement plans and office workspace. In robust economic times, startups can often get enough venture capital (VC) funding to launch a business in style without any plan on how they’ll become profitable.

What is a good rate to charge for bookkeeping?

Average prices for bookkeeping services: Fast facts

To help answer some of your burning questions, take a look at a few average rates: The average hourly wage for a bookkeeper in the U.S. is $22 per hour. CPAs typically charge $200 – $250 per hour. Top bookkeepers in major cities may charge $500 per hour (or more).

PI insurance will cover you if you’re subject to a legal claim, for example, if the advice you give to a client causes them a financial loss. In today’s world, accounting firms need to be able to offer technology solutions that make it easy for you to track your finances and stay on top of things. Ideally you need a cloud-based accounting software, with the potential to use artificial intelligence to make systems more efficient. Ask about the software they use and how they can help you stay organised. Most of our costs are based on your activity, so if your business has a quieter month your subscription fee may decrease. Equally, if you have a fantastic month with lots of money deposited, it may increase.

Unfortunately, some businesses do not take on a bookkeeper until their company is in trouble. They may already be having cash-flow problems, problems with the bank, or late filing of accounts. When taking on new customers, there will be a fair amount of up-front work as you get up to speed with your new client.

All you need to say is that you are a local bookkeeping service, fully accredited and qualified and charge the best rates, come and see me afterwards. It will also help with your confidence when meeting other business people in any context. You might offer specialist services which are particular to an individual client. For example, a golf club might require you to handle their membership list or you might look after subscriptions for a magazine publisher.

If you get an appointment to visit a client, always dress smartly. They are trusting you with a very sensitive part of their business. You will probably be the first to know if they have problems or are making a success of their business.

how much to charge a startup company for bookkeeping

Outsourcing your bookkeeping function allows you to tailor-make your accounting services to suit your business financial needs. With an outsourced bookkeeping service, your company can employ a more sophisticated management accounting system, which in turn will lead to the creation of a virtual accounting department. This will add to your bookkeeping fees each month but the extra costs will be fully justified as your company heads into the growth phase of the business. In the growth phase, your business must adopt a full-scale accrual-based accounting system as it will help the business to scale through its generation of advanced-level management and financial reports.